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aiRESULTS is a dynamic company focused on developing and implementing innovative solutions in marketing and customer lifecycle optimization (CLO), leveraging deep expertise in strategy, enterprise transformation and AI powered technologies.

Our business and technology consultants, developers, and integrators are on the cutting edge of the artificial intelligence revolution. We are driven by our motto: “You deserve ai solutions that deliver RESULTS".



We start with a comprehensive assessment of the clients’ goals and needs, apply our intuition and insights developed from decades of experience and combine that with the latest enabling concepts and technologies powered by AI.

Our unflinching attention is on delivering exceptional results and not on glitz.

We work very closely with clients to understand and formulate and refine their business objectives as necessary and determine the best strategies, roadmap & action plan for achieving the objectives. The action plan includes choosing the most effective technology platforms, tools and applications. These include those available in the market as well as our customized and proprietary solutions such as TruLoyalty and CARE-O (Customer Acquisition, Retention & Expansion Optimizer).

We advise clients that adopting AI solutions without making sure that it fits their business strategy can lead to disastrous outcomes. This is particularly true for startups and early growth stage companies where the most effective use of resources to acquire and retain customers with the highest lifetime value is critical.

aiRESULTS stays with clients through their entire transformative journey in AI.


Our advisory consultants and technology team work with enterprises of all sizes and stages of growth ranging from startups to industry leading Fortune 100 companies. We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, CPG, High-tech and Telecom.

We have an established track record of success in a global environment with business in four continents – North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


In the world of AI, challenges are opportunities waiting to be optimized.

Let innovation guide us toward a limitless horizon

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