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Our Offerings

At aiRESULTS, we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize marketing andcustomer lifecycle optimization (CLO) strategies and programs. CLO encompasses all the inter-related areas of customer engagement (CE), customer experience (CX), customer relationship management (CRM) and customer success (CS). Our team of seasoned experts combines innovative technologies with strategic insights to propel your business into the future.

We are driven by our motto: “You deserve AI solutions that deliver results”. Discover our journey, values, and commitment to transforming businesses through AI solutions.



We work closely with you to unlock the potential of AI with our comprehensive consulting services  tailored to your business needs.

  • Formulation and or refinement of business objectives

  • Development of strategies to achieve business objectives

  • Create action plan to actualize the strategies which includes

*Analysis to determine people, process, technology requirements

*Perform gap analysis to determine additions and/or modifications to existing resources

*Roadmap for implementing the action plan

  • Assist in the selection of the best fit AI based solutions available in the market



Our team of technology consultants, developers and integrators work, as necessary, with your technology organization to implement the selected solutions.

  • Install and ensure smooth functioning of the solution(s)

  • Customize solutions as necessary

  • Integrate AI solutions into existing infrastructure



We will work with you, as necessary, to maximize benefits from utilization of data to make the best decisions and drive targeted marketing and customer success strategies.
This includes:

  • Data architecture optimization

  • Data rationalization and cleansing

  • Data integration and consolidation

  • Ensuring data readiness for implementation of selected solutions

Our Solutions

aiRESULTS will configure and install solutions in a wide spectrum of areas utilizing tools available in the market as well as our proprietary solutions in the following areas:



Solutions Configured from Available Solutions in the Market
● AI-Powered Marketing Campaigns
● Personalization
● Chatbots & Virtual Assistants
● Programmatic Advertising
● Dynamic Pricing


aiRESULTS Proprietary Solutions

These solutions leverage the SCWM framework conceptualized and constructed by our founder Dr, Matt Hasan. SCWM is built on a breakthrough concept referred to by Dr. Hasan as "inherent loyalty". Inherent loyalty measures the true loyalty characteristics of each customer based on psychological and emotional factors that determine their likelihood of staying with a provider or switching. The methodology was developed and validated via collaboration with well known psychologists.

CARE-O (Customer Acquisition, Retention & Expansion Optimizer)

CARE-O is an AI powered enterprise platform that is completely integrated across marketing, CRM and analytics systems. It is the only true Customer Lifecycle Optimization solution that has been designed and developed from the ground up. CARE-O maximizes the lifetime/lifecycle “worth” of a customer from prospecting & acquisition through expansion (increase spend of customer via cross-sell, upsell) to retention by leveraging the “inherent loyalty” of each customer in addition to the standard factors used in measuring CLV (Customer Lifetime Value). This makes a big difference. Some of the benefits of CARE-O are:

● Optimal treatment of each customer across channel, touch point and LOB
● Increased acquisition and retention rates for the right customers
● Maximum cross-sell and up-sell
● Huge savings in expenditures on acquisition, retention/rewards and expansion programs
Lifts ranging from 10 t0 30 per cent have been achieved

For a detailed discussion and demo of CARE-O contact us.


Unlike current “loyalty programs” TruLoyalty is a true customer loyalty program because it is driven by the inherent loyalty characteristics of each customer. Current "loyalty programs" are more correctly called “rewards programs” because they have nothing to do with the loyalty orientation of a customer. They are purely incentives/rewards (e.g., points, miles, cashback) programs based on usage/spend. Some key benefits of TruLoyalty are:

● Increased retention rates for the right customers
● Optimal profitability for each customer leading to maximum bottom-line profitability
● Huge savings in expenditures on rewards programs
Lifts ranging from 15 to 40 per cent have been achieved

For a detailed discussion and demo of TruLoyalty contact us.

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